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w00tstock LA 2009
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I've been meaning to do this post since I got back from w00tstock but I haven't had time to get all the stuff I wanted to post about together. Since its starting to leave my head I want to make sure I get as much down as possible so here's the story.

It all started because I just recently got back into twitter. I've been trying to get connected again so I've been adding people to follow. One of those people happened to be Wil Wheaton. For those of you who don't know him he played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Here's a picture of him from those times.

These days he's just a geek (which is also the title of his first book). A very interesting geek.

Well I read on his twitter something about w00tstock that was taking place in San Francisco . It sounded interesting but I didn't know exactly what it was all about. I forgot about it until he twittered that w00tstock was going to take place in LA. But I didn't hear about this till the day of the event. So I spent the day trying to find out what it was and if anyone wanted to go.

Well after looking into it some more I still had only a vague idea what it was about. All I knew is it had to do with music and geek culture. Oh and Wil Wheaton, and Adam Savage were going to be there. So that was enough for me.

So I was able to get Maggie and Faith to come down to meet me at the show. So I didn't have to watch it alone. Although it may have been even over the heads of Maggie and Faith (and pretty  much anyone else who would have come). To be honest I didn't know all of the people performing but I had an open mind about it all so I really enjoyed it all.

Here's a video that's a remix of the entire evening.

So here's the rundown for the evening as best as I can remember it.  First up was Wil Wheaton introducing the evening festivities. He played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also he was in the movie "Stand By Me" and now hes just a geek (an awesome one).

Here he is introducing w00tstock.

After that Paul & Storm took the stage. I had actually never heard of them before. But I must say I'm a fan now.

The first song they did was "Opening Band". So very fitting.

There next song was "Frogger the Musical"

Next up was Molly Lewis and her awesome ukulele. To be honest I had never heard of her. But shes great and makes me want to play the ukulele.

Her first song was "Our American Cousin".

Followed by "The Wikipedia Song"

And finally "Toxic"

From this point on I can't really remember too well. But I've found videos of w00tstock so I'm trying to piece the evening together.

Next was Jeff Lewis as his character Vork from the web series
"The Guild". Its a comedic show about a group of MMORPG players dealing with real life while dealing with issues in the Guild. Its pretty funny and I enjoy it very much. You should check it out. So Mr. Lewis was doing a stand up routine as Vork which was funny if you played MMORPGs. But also its pretty funny because its kind of awkward. But I'll let you be the judge.

Continuing "The Guild" theme there were special surprise guests. Those surprise guests being more actors from "The Guild". The cool thing was that they were not at the San Francisco shows only the LA show. They performed the song they did for a music video for the show. That song being "Do You Want To Date My Avatar". An avatar being a persons character in a game. So here I put on the original music video as well as the live performance.

After that Wil Wheaton did a reading from his book "Just a Geek" with some extra help from Paul & Storm. I have the audiobook version of it and I really enjoyed it. The book is about him and his life growing going from child star to adult not quite a star anymore, to the awesome geek we have all come to know and love as well as all the trials and tribulations in between.

Next was the duo of Hard n' Phirm composed of Chris Hardwick (Hard) and Mike Phirman (Phirm). So here is Wil Wheaton introducing them.

After that they did a song called "Success"

Followed by a song called "Patriotism".

And finally a song about "Pi" (yea the number). All I could find is the end part of the song but you'll get the drift.

Next Adam Savage of the Mythbusters came on stage and did a presentation of his 100 wishes.

And finally that brings us to the finale with Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, Paul & Storm doing "The Captain's Wife's Lament" which had crowd participation.

And that's was that for the show. After that there was a meet and greet some of the performers. So I bought the poster for the event and had them sign it.

Poster of Awesome

Paul and I

Storm and I

A blurry Wil Wheaton and I

Adam Savage and I

Also as an extra exclamation point to the evening Maggie, Faith, and I went to Canters Deli (mainly because it was open 24 hours). When we just about done with our meal who should roll in but Adam Savage and his people. I happen to have my 7x7x7 cube which I had done while waiting in line for the show so I pulled it out and had him sign it. He was pretty surprised by it which I thought was cool cause I impressed him with my unique toy. Also a little later Paul, Storm, and Molly came in a little later and i got their autographs on my cube as well.

All in all a very awesome and very spontaneous day.

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looks like you had a lot of fun... That "do you want to date my avatar" is stuck in my head now :x damn you! hehe :)

I have my camera lens all figured out now so I wouldn't have taken no blurry pics of Wil Wheaton now! just your luck it was my first day with it.. (well, I wouldn't have had it on me if it wasn't my first day with it, so.. yeah)

funny thing was, I was telling my cousin about this and she totally knew who Vork was, and has apparently been watching the Guild. So much closet nerdiness!! haha

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